We are a dynamic team with deep roots in technology and a fanatical focus on delivery. We are driven by working on a variety of challenging and interesting initiatives. 

Our extensive experience in the heavily regulated finance industry combined with our background in enterprise IT gives us the capabilities to address the highly complex challenges faced by major corporations. 

While our careers have been in the corporate world, our life experiences have given us an abundance of insight into the consumer markets. We’re obsessive about solving problems we encounter in our everyday lives in the various roles we play – whether it’s as a woman entrepreneur, small business owners, tech startup founders, or as parents! 

Our motivation is simply this: to have a positive impact on the world.


Oksana sokolovsky

Oksana Sokolovsky

Co-Founder & President

Rohit Mahajan

Co-Founder & CTO


  • Integrity – our values influence our decisions, define the way we behave with each other and impact the way we serve our communities. In essence, integrity is knowing and doing what is right. And it’s the #1 thing we look for in people.
  • Impact – it’s the reason we’re here. Everything we do must make a positive impact to the world. 
  • Innovation – thinking hard about problems, coming up with (what may seem like) crazy ideas and actually implementing them is how we want to spend our time.
  • Passion – to progressively disrupt the complacency in the world around us.
  • Fun – we want to work in and help create an environment and culture where people truly love coming to 'work'.