SSH ROKITT is a joint venture between SSH Communications Security and ROKITT. This partnership delivers unique IT security solutions and infrastructure & application remediation capabilities that address existential identity access management and data security issues. Our solutions enable you to meet regulatory, audit and compliance requirements while protecting your enterprise from internal and external threats.

Our Approach


  • Understand your data against data protection requirements; identify true data owners and be alerted to unusual activity
  • Understand and define sensitive data
  • Classify which data is confidential and needs protection


  • Scrutinize how data is being used when users are on and off the corporate network


  • Prevent data loss by notifying users about policy violations, securing exposed files and folders, and stopping outbound communications
  • Create real-time, business-driven masking and security policies as data grows in volume, variety and velocity


  • Data loss policies, workflow and remediation, reporting and administration from a powerful web-based management console
  • Ensure regulatory compliance like SOX, GLBA and HIPAA

Technical Access and Identity Management

Discovery, Compliance, Access Controls, Provisioning, Automation, Remediation, Policy & Best Practices

Encrypted Channel Monitoring

Monitoring and access control solutions for infrastructure and application environment DLP, security intelligence enablement, cloud PAM, extended enterprise access control, forensics

Data Security

Secure Data-in-Transit, P2P Encryption, Automated FTP-to-SFTP, Configuration and Management, Data Masking

SSH ROKITT is a joint venture between SSH Communications Security and ROKITT. For more information on SSH Communications Security please visit their website.