ROKITT Labs is where we research, develop and play with next-gen engineering, prototype ideas and algorithms and generally immerse ourselves in our passion for technology and software engineering.

At ROKITT Labs, we’re constantly working on pioneering out of the box concepts that challenge conventional wisdom and can transform the way we conduct our daily lives. We are constantly looking for opportunities that breed new business ideas and need technology to power ground-breaking solutions.

Our global presence provides us with a wide business and consumer reach while our cultural understanding allows us to design for a global audience.

ROKITT Consumer Products are aligned to different consumer needs and span multiple industries. ROKITT uses “bleeding” edge technologies like Micro Services, Elastic, Machine Learning, NLP and Graph Databases to develop next gen products which are simple to adopt and at the same time positively disruptive.

Online travel platform

A unique Travel Product delivering future of online travel today. Simplicity, customer centricity, coolness and next generation travel through semantic search– all combined in one product. We love to travel and we want to bring the best travel experience to everyone around the globe. ROKITT’s vision is to revolutionize the travel experience and provide everyone in the world the ability to fulfil their travel dreams!

Augmented Reality for everyone

Our platform will enable everyone to ‘augment reality’ with coolest innovative technology. Teachers, students, real estate agents, store owners and more will be able to leverage the latest technology without needing to be a technical expert. Cool, fun and easy to use – augmented reality will change the way we see things around us.

Neighborhood Advertising Platform

goLokal enables small business owners to launch on-demand sales and special promotions, by putting them directly into the hands and on the smart phones of local consumers. The premise of goLokal is simple: by inspiring community members to shop local, we’re building up commerce, connectivity and a sense of community—and, from here, the possibilities are endless.

Socio-business platform for women entrepreneurs

Platform to empower women entrepreneurs globally. Marketplace, technology support, finance, social networking and logistical support for women who are building and growing their businesses.

Marketplace for home chefs

A marketplace for those who enjoy homemade food (from economical to organic and marinated to ready-to-eat) but don't have a lot of time or interest in cooking a five course meal. This product is for the ‘Home Cooks’ who believe in their cooking, want to be recognized as a Chef and even make money while doing what they love.