Every enterprise generates, collects, and processes large amounts of data. How data is organized, stored, and managed determines the value that can be obtained from analysis of data. Recent technology advances with analytics, big data, and machine learning makes efficient usage of data more important than ever. Failing to learn from data creates a competitive disadvantage. Conversely, ability to leverage new and historical data is the hallmark of future winners as analysis will create new insights that allow them to nimbly react to and take advantage of changing market conditions.

ROKITT’s Data Solutions focus on helping customers to make better use of data whether it is legacy data or newly acquired data.  


Test Data Solutions

  • Enterprise Data Management to procure data from any environment and ensure high test quality
  • Automatic discovery of data with relationships intuitively displayed as a graph  
  • Natural language query capability provides ease of use and enables effective management
  • Synthetic data generation & sub-setting to improve test coverage and timely availability of test data
  • Data Masking with production quality data to enable high quality test while protecting privacy and property as well as regulatory compliance
  • Database independent solution supporting industry leading databases
  • One-stop shop to create, manage, secure, and refresh data


Data Masking

  • Flexible policy-driven data masking 
  • Machine learning used for effective pattern recognition
  • Enterprise elastic search for cross DB/application masking consistency
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface for discovery and design 
  • Supporting cloud and on premise

Extract, Transform, and Load

  • Provides efficient movement and transformation of RDBMS, no-SQL, and Big Data
  • Leveraging traditional or streams-based ETL tools for large quantities of data
  • Validating consistency of data with respect to uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic completeness, and accountability

Data Performance Engineering

  • Optimize databases and applications to offer excellent transaction performance
  • Re-engineer computationally heavy solutions to improve user satisfaction and increase value
  • Organize data for effective analysis 
  • Prevention of future performance bottleneck by proactive analysis of how data growth will impact performance in applications and databases

Big Data Analytics Enablement

  • Connecting RDBMS and Big Data offering new analytical capabilities and lower costs
  • Selection, installation, and configuration of complete analytical environment including data capture, data pre-processing, and data visualization tools
  • Asynchronous streaming of data from RDBMS to Big Data enabling real-time analysis previously impossible with batch processing
  • Centralized data management across all enterprise applications covering both structured and unstructured data
  • Implementing tools for log data management across the enterprise creating business benefits such as better security and higher system availability

Future of Data

Data is a hotbed of innovation and ROKITT actively embraces new data technologies in our solutions and products. Technologies we are exploring are:

  • Automated actions based on machine learning predictions
  • Deep learning improving prediction for highly complex non-linear problems
  • In-place analytics executing directly in big data system
  • Business solutions integrating data capture (from people and things), data analytics, and call to actions
  • Leverage analytics to improve natural language based man-machine interactions
  • Advanced data visualization to improve understanding and decision making