Enterprises spend a significant amount of their time and money on testing, test environments, and test data yet most still don't meet their quality and performance objectives. Traditional approaches to internal or outsourced test automation have brought projects to a grinding halt and are a primary cause for missing business objectives.

At ROKITT we have set out to change all of that. We provide customers with a transformative, end-to-end quality & testing framework that enables enterprises to:

  • Simplify test automation making it possible for non-technical testers to create and maintain scripts
  • Automate all processes related to testing including test data management and environment management
  • Shift-left to support Continuous Integration 
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Test Automation Solutions

  • Simplifies the test automation process. 
  • Improves efficiency of automation through building robust test suites. 
  • Eliminates reliance on technical experts.  
  • Focuses on tool agnostic automation for GUI, Web Services, Mobile platforms and databases.
  • Provides a platform for industry standard automation routines based on collaborative development across industry experts.
  • Less than 5% of QA engineers needed to maintain framework solving the automation maintenance challenge most companies face today.
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Test Transformation Solutions

  • Transformation across all sections; people, processes and technology
  • Providing overall E2E solutions covering automation scripts, test data, and test environments
  • Evaluation and assessment of current state
  • Recommendation of target state and implementation of transformation based on gap analysis
  • Test environment and test data management transformation solutions
  • Implementation of minimum testing standards to achieve regulatory and audit compliance

Test Data Solutions

  • Comprehensive automated test data management including data – creation, retrieval, and cleanup.
  • Automated synthetic data generation
  • Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface
  • Ability to retrieve data using English-like language


Test Environment Solutions

  • Identifying and managing test infrastructure requirements
  • Automating provisioning and de-provisioning of suitable test environments
  • Better test environments at reduced cost
  • Seamless integration with test automation and enterprise data management to provide E2E continuous integration

Test Consulting Solutions

  • Education & training on testing best practices
  • Test process consulting
  • Assess cost of quality & recommend shift-left initiatives
  • ROKITT team are "experts from within". We have decades of real life technical and business experience from running test organizations in very large organizations

Specialized Testing

  • Data testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Web services testing
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Batch testing

Core Testing Solutions

  • E2E, functional, regression and UAT testing
  • Knowledge management
  • Test management
  • Business process flow
  • Metrics & reporting

Testing Transformation Data Sheet

How We Solve the Problem

  • Proprietary test automation framework that supports multiple technology stacks and various automation tools.
  • Ability to automate complex E2E test scenarios
  • Create robust automation suite of tests that can be executed with every new build introduced into test environments
  • Test automation early in the lifecycle i.e. move quality up the development lifecycle (shift left)
  • Improved maintainability, scalability and minimization of rework. Reduce vendor lock-in
  • Minimize dependency on objects (dynamic object libraries) and helps developers integrate continuously
  • Utilize our business knowledge to automate data business logic validations
  • Cloud based solution allowing automated test at UI (web, desktop, mobile) and web services layer